Thrustmaster USB pedal adapter for PC.

Convert your T3PA, T-GT and T3PA Pro pedals into a 10bit (0-1023 resolution) USB pedal set. Works with our Load cell mod kits.
This device converts your standard Thrustmaster pedals into USB to run on PC.


* No Drivers.
* PC only.
* No power required (uses USB power).
* Compatible with USB 2.0 and greater.
* Converts 8 bit (0-255) to 10 bit (0-1023).
* Pedals plug directly into the adapter.
* Increase lap times and control with higher resolution.

Why is the pedal sensitivity increased when using a USB adapter?

The standard pedals send a signal range of 256 possible steps to the wheelbase for pedal position in game whereas using the USB adapter the signal range is increased to 1024 possible steps directly to the game thus increasing the sensitivity of the pedal positioning data.  

To calibrate run the inbuilt Windows joystick calibration tool. instructions here.

Just plug your pedals into the adapter and the USB cable into the PC.

THAT’S it YOUR DONE!! Easy !!!

last updated 7/03/2021
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: USB adapt
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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