Sim wind kit

    2 x desk mount fans controlled by Simhub, can be adjusted as a constant flow or be controlled by the speed of the car. Works in most sims/games.

    The Sim Wind gives you a sensation of driving with wind on your face. As your speed increases so does the wind in your face. The faster you go the faster the fans spin.The fans run on an Arduino MCU and is driven by the SIMHUB App by developer “wotever”.

    The SIMHUB free/donateware software can be downloaded from  Please support the developer by donating to keep him adding more features and game compatibility. As the fan has powerful airflow there is no need for addition of air straighteners, even though the fans are electronically controlled there is a manual “inline” speed controller dial/switch.


    The Arduino MCU is the heart of the SIM WIND FAN controller and is used to change the fan settings. However, as the fans are controlled by SIMHUB many other accessories can be added such as Tachometer, Gear Number display, Speedo’s, Boost Gauge, pedal vibration motors etc.(SimHub wiki on

    The SIM WIND system is compatible with many games such as Assetto Corsa 1&2, Project Cars 1&2, RF1&2, Grid titles, F1 Titles, iRacing, Dirt Titles and more.


    Install the SimHub App onto your PC.

    1. Plug the USB cable from the control box to your PC.
    2. Plug the fans into the control box.
    3. Connect the power supply.
    4. Configure your game (see included manual)
    5. Ready to race

    The package includes the following:
     Control Box.
     Dual SIM WIND fans.
     12V power supply.
     1x USB cable.
    • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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